July 19, 2010

Carter's first vacation

So its been a month since I have written a post. Since then Carter has found his thumb and his feet. He went on his first vacation and turned 3 months old while we were there. Carter went to St. Simons Georgia for 3 days with BB, GranStan, Aunt Chrissie, Uncle Keith, Cousins Cole and Caroline and Mommy and Daddy. We stayed in a great house and had so much fun! As soon as we would walk on to the beach Carter would fall asleep and stay asleep for 4 hours in his stroller. (We now know he loves the beach!) BB couldn't believe how big he has gotten. She has not seen in him since he was 2 weeks old! He got so much love from everyone. Cole and Caroline couldn't get enough of him! After St. Simons we headed down the road to Sea Island Georgia along with Chrissie, Keith and the kids for 5 days. We met the rest of the Montgomery clan there and we stayed in the same beautiful house we did last year (the bee house) Carter slept through the night most nights. And once again as soon as we would take him on the beach he would stare at the back of his eyelids! We took our first realy family portraits on the beach. We were all matching! Carter also got to swim nakey in the pool! We came home on Saturday, it was good to be home after such a long vacation. Carter is in a routine and it was way off while we were at the beach!

Carter found his thumb a couple of weeks ago, he just sucks away tooooo cute! He is trying to lift up when he is laying down. He is "talking" so much to he knows his vowles for sure! "ooooooooe" "aaaaaaooo" "eeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaa" I love it! He laughs and smiles when he is being entertained. He will lift his little feet way in the air and grab ahold of them its so adorable! He has another appointment with Lisa Schoffner this week to check his progress.