June 24, 2011

Animal pancakes and blanket tents

All we did today was play, eat, and nap!  Carterbug is getting his top molars and they are no fun!  We got teeth marks all over the crib to prove it.  His nose is stuffy then runny, he is fussy, and he is putting everything in his mouth to soothe the pain. The good thing about it is that he wants to cuddle like crazy! I make him pancakes every Saturday, but I thought maybe it would make him feel better if we had them today.  So, during Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (Carterbug's favorite!) I made him a Mickey Mouse pancake and blueberries for breakfast.  One of my favorite things growing up was when my dad made me animal pancakes so I thought I would carry on the tradition.  He would always ask what animal do you want, and my sister and I would usually respond with Mickey or Minnie Mouse.  Every now and then we would test his artistic ability and ask for a elephant or a dog and to our surprise there it would be the perfect elephant trunk and all swimming in maple syrup on our plate.

Thanks Mommy!!

We made a tent today from my white comforter it was so cute watching Carter explore all the little nooks in the homemade tent, then he would giggle when it would fall down!  He makes my day, EVERYDAY!

Happy Friday!

June 21, 2011

Country boy at heart...

This weekend Carter had his pictures taken by sweet Kendall.  She contacted me about taking pictures of Carter with haystacks and watermelons, of course the country girl that I am jumped right on this opportunity and dressed my little cutie in his overalls and I brought my cowboy boots and hat for props!  It was so much fun, he did such a good job and Kendall took some great pictures!  She also had some amazing things to say that I thought that I would share...
"As I am sitting here I am trying not to short out the keyboard with tears of happiness. I Had the opportunity to photography Carter Eli Montgomery today. Carter is special in more ways than one. It is hard for me to think that someone could have denied this precious gift from God the joy's of life, love and laughter. In case you could... not see past all of the smiles and watermelon, Carter was one of God's chosen angels that was blessed with Down Syndrome. It is not a disease but a gift to me and you. Some people might look at Carter and say poor little boy. I personally have never had a child with Down Syndrome but what is there to be sorry about? I am so moved by all of the wonderful facts and precious life that Kristin Melton Montgomery and Jeff Montgomery brought to in this community with Carter.  I am sure they can't imagine their life without Carter. As I was talking with Kristin while capturing some of Carter's most precious moments I ask her if her and Jeff were ready for another baby. That is such a loaded question that I am sure they get asked often. She told me that Jeff told her the most wonderful thing that other day and that was " he wishes they could have another children with DS". I am can not think of a more heart warming comment from a father with one special needs child. If we all could think like this and not say poor me or poor child I don't think we would not have as many problems as we do now. Within the last year I have become more familiar with DS and I follow Kristin's blog and also Erin Witkowski's blog Ski'ing Through Life. These are 2 of the most touching blog's that I have ever read. The families have taken this and handled it better that anyone else I know could have. Kristin has recently finished school, Jeff works full time and Carter is always getting therapy and learning new things each and everyday. Some people would look as Carter as being a burden. Those people don't know the real meaning of life or have never been touched by God's love. Kristin and Jeff have a very supporting family. Aunt Whitney Melton is one of Carter's biggest fan and Tara Thoburn Melton is one of the proudest Nana's. As David and I face the future of adoption I am not going to lie to you and say that I would say "no" to a child with Down Syndrome after experiencing Carter and his love for each and ever blade of grass and all of the watermelon seeds in his tummy tonight.Thank you Kristin and Jeff for Sharing your wonderful gift!" Captured by Kendall

that was some sweet watermelon!

Now I forgot to mention we took the pictures at Hagan Stone park in my wonderful hometown of Pleasant Garden.  After we left the park I decided to take Carter by the place where I grew up.  It's a humble cozy little place that holds so many happy memories.  So many Christmases and birthdays, so many laughs with my sister (after all we did share a room for 22 years), memories of playing barbies until 2 in the morning, the big yard where we played shot in the dark or "friends" or sometimes we for some reason wanted to pretend we were the boxcar children...ahhhh the imagination of little girls so much different than a little boys!  We made clubhouses out of blankets and trees.  It looks so different then it did when we left. I have to admit I got a little teary eyed driving by and telling Carter this is where mommy grew up (not that he has any idea what I'm talking about) I was just happy to be sharing that with him.   Now living in the big ol city of Greensboro my heart does ache to live in the country again.  One day maybe, but I do know with me as a mama (that girl who wore her cowboy boots with her wedding dress, oh and that girl who has a cowboy boot tattooed on her ankle, oh yeah and that girl who everytime she gets around her bff that country accent just flows right out, yeah that girl), and a daddy who is a baseball playin Georgia boy has to have a little country running through his blood right?

yeah I thought so!

June 20, 2011

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband Jeff!  We celebrate you not only on father's day, but everyday.  Thank you for all the many wonderful things you do for us.  Thank you for all your support through this past year.  You're such a great daddy and we love you so much!  There is something to be said about a father's relationship with his son...
I remember sayin' I don't care either way

Just as long as he or she is healthy, I'm okay

And then the doctor pointed to the corner of the screen

And said, "You see that thing right there? Well, you know what that means"

I started wondering who he was going to be

And I thought heaven help us if he's anything like me

He'll probably climb a tree too tall and ride his bike too fast

End up every summer wearin' something in a cast

He's gonna throw a ball and break some glass

In a window down the street

He's gonna get in trouble, oh, he's gonna get in fights

I'm gonna lose my temper and some sleep

It's safe to say that I'm gonna get my payback

If he's anything like me

I can see him right now, knees all skinned up

With a magnifying glass tryin' to melt a Tonka truck

Won't he be a sight with his football helmet on?

That'll be his first love 'til his first love comes along

He'll get his heart broke by the time he's in his teens

And heaven help him if he's anything like me

He'll probably stay out too late and drive his car too fast

Get a speeding ticket, he'll pay for mowing grass

He's gonna get caught skippin' class

And be grounded for a week

He's gonna get into trouble, we're gonna get in fights

I'm gonna lose my temper and some sleep

It's safe to say that I'm gonna get my payback

If he's anything like me

He's gonna love me

And hate me along the way

The years are gonna fly by

And I already dread the day

He's gonna hug his mama, he's gonna shake my hand

He's gonna act like he can't wait to leave

But as he drives out he'll cry his eyes out

If he's anything like me

There's worst folks to be like, oh, he'll be alright

If he's anything like me
~Brad Paisley

June 15, 2011

Beautiful words

I found this poem and I thought it was perfect!  Exactly the way I felt when I held Carter for the first time.  Not knowing he had down syndrome until he was born, I didn't care about the diagnosis, all I cared about was that precious little boy who was my special gift.  I will always remember that wonderful moment he was born.  I was in love the minute I laid eyes on him.

When you were but a tiny speck 
deep within my womb
something happened to your cells
as life began to bloom
a chromosomal anomaly
is what the doctors say
but you are EXACTLY what I asked for
each night as I would pray

"Dear Lord, send me a happy child
who will not grow up too fast,"
for I love the joys of childhood 
and I wanted that to last.
'Send me a child who sleeps all night
and doesn't often cry,
a little boy with endless love
and a willingness to try."

That little extra chromosome
that number 21
gave me all I ever wanted
YOU - my precious son.

June 9, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Today marks one year since I started this little blog.  I can't believe how fast it has gone by!  What a wonderful year it has been, meeting new friends, advocating for Down Syndrome, and making memories with Carter.  I have continued something I started, because I love sharing with everyone all of Carter's milestones and so many of our memories.  This blog has had so many visitors from all over the world (from Germany, to the Ukraine, Brazil, and of course right here in the U.S.).  Thank you all for taking time out of your day for reading, it means so much!

 I hope that I have made a difference in someone somewhere.  I hope that someone has stumbled across this blog, who was scared or confused about those two powerful words...Down Syndrome, I hope this blog changed their mind about Down Syndrome.  I hope that I have made it clear that when parents hear that their child has Down Syndrome, that it is a wonderful thing, and that they are a part of something so special and rare, and I hope that someone has realized that their life will have so much more meaning!

 I know that I am a part of something amazing, that was in God's plan for us to have this precious little boy, and that makes my heart smile!  Thank you all again for reading and all of your amazing comments, and cheers to the next year!

If anyone wants to read my first blog click here: Carters' birth story

June 5, 2011

Llamas and Cattle and Bug...OH MY!

Yesterday we decided that we needed a family day, just the three of us.  I have been begging Jeff to take us to the Lazy 5 Ranch in Mooresville, so today we packed up the car and headed that way.  It was a nice scenic drive only an hour away.  It was so worth that one hour in the car, it was AWESOME!  When we got there we got Carterbug out of his car seat so he could sit upfront with us and watch all the animal action.  We had ostriches eating from our bucket right away (I have to admit I was a little sketched out at first).  We saw pigs, giraffes, zebras, a rhino, buffalo, deer, elk, but our favorite were the llamas!  How cool it was to have llamas just come stick their heads in your car!  The zebra were pretty awesome too!  It was so much fun and we can't wait to go back!

Carter had fun!!!