November 7, 2011

October in a Nutshell

Well I decided to wait and blog about the month of October all together...It was a busy month for the Montgomery family. So sit back and relax, this is going to be a long post!  I kicked the month off with a girls beach weekend with all of my bestest friends, oh yeah and my boy bestie Jon! We had a blast, Jeff was at home on "daddy duty" and the bug well he was sick.  Before I left for the beach he was getting a high fever here and day he would be fine then the next it would spike and he was fussy, one visit to the doctor and he told us that Carter had Hand Foot and Mouth Disease (nice).  I thought about not going to the beach, but my wonderful hubby assured me that everything was okay and that he had this under control.  So away I went, I woke up Saturday morning to check up on the bug.  Jeff said that he had a rash all over him so he was taking him to the doctor, I got a call back a few hours later and the doctor had told Jeff that they were just hives from a reaction to the HFM virus.  Jeff was completely sugar coating all the yucky details he knew I would be going 200mph on the highway if I knew what our little boy looked like or felt like.  The next day I got home at 11am, to find a Carterbug that I did not recognize...My adorable little boy had now resembled Jabba the Hut (okay that's a little overboard)  He was so swollen and covered head to toe in this red and purple rash, my poor little boy had cankles!  We called the doctor and told him what this rash looked like...he immediately said meet me ASAP at the ER were getting a platelet count.  So of course the first thing that ran through my mind is my child has Leukemia (insert scared mommy here).  I later found out the doctor was thinking the same, but thank goodness as soon as his doctor saw him he said oh that's nothing it's just Erethyma Multiforme.  Oh okay is that all?  What the heck is that? It's just a rash that goes away on its own it just makes your child look like a character from Star Wars got it! 
These were taken after the rash started clearing up

The following week we had the Buddy Walk, it was a big success this year!  Thanks to all who came out to show their support for Carter and all of those who rock that extra chromosome!  Go Carter's Crew!

Itney and Carter
Nah Nah and Carter

BB and Carter
Carter's Crew minus a few!
The following weekend we boarded a plane and headed to New York to visit the Witkowski's...this is a whole blog post by itself so I will hit the highlights:  This was Carter's first plane ride, Jeff was a little worried that Carter would have a meltdown on the plane and we would be those people with a screaming baby on the plane, but not Carter he slept the whole time.  We were greeted at the airport by Erin (a bouquet of flowers in hand) and Paul.  This was my first time meeting Paul, and Jeff's first time meeting both of them, but you would have never of guessed that.  We instantly bonded on the way to their house and talked like we hadn't seen each other in years.  They showed us such a great time, we went to the rodeo, fishing, had a campfire, church and we took a train into the city (which again could be a whole blog post in its self)   We had such a good time, it truly feels as if we have been friends with Erin and Paul for years.  We definitely built a lifelong friendship with the "Ski's.  I hate that we live so far from them, but we will be seeing them again soon!  I cried as soon as Erin dropped us off at the airport.  I could sit for hours listening to Mason talk and holding sweet Grady in my arms.  I feel so blessed to have these new friends in our life!
Buds for Life!
This one is for Paul! hehehe
Tubby time

Rockin matchin jammies!

Just hangin' out at the rodeo!  Taken by Erin

Buggy and Daddy at the 9/11 Memorial

Mommy and Bug at the Statue of Liberty

Perfect way to end our time in NY, Erin captured the perfect picture
To end the month of October, I threw a Halloween party for Carter and his buddies.  The Montgomery Baby Bootackular was a success and so much fun! 

Carter's first kiss with the beautiful Alice

October 5, 2011

First picnic

Carter went on his very first picnic last Saturday.  With mommy and aunt Itney (daddy was under the weather).  I am so glad Whitney came with us, we decided to go to Hagan Stone Park in good ol'  Pleasant Garden, but first we had to get our food for the picnic...we decided on Bill's Pizza (just a local pizza place that's been around forever that I worked at for 5 years).  Once we got our delicious square pepperoni pizza we headed to park.  It was a brisk 60 degree day with the perfect fall breeze (my favorite kind of weather) the three of us found a perfect sunny spot on the grass to layout our picnic blanket and break out the picnic basket full of pizza and other goodies.  We had a great time, Carter was so cute getting everything out of the picnic basket.  We took Carter on the swings and let him slide down the slide all by himself.  We watched the clouds go by, and looked for shapes in the sky.  We stayed for two hours and didn't want to leave...... it was a great day! 

Matching puffy vest a must for fall fashion! haha my sister is probably having a heart attack right this second
Stealing from the picnic basket

It's ridiculous how much I love this kid


Aunt Itney, she's the bestest

My happy place, is when I have this boy in my arms

So sweet


September 19, 2011

Friends really forever!

So they say you meet your life long friends in college...well we all met in middle school and some of us in elementary school.  We're a rare breed we have all grown up together (literally).  I have had the same circle of friends for most of my life, and there is much to be said about that.  Yes it is very rare not many people can say they even talk to their friends from high school, some stay in touch with a few people, but we ALL still hang out.  Were even spread out, two in DC, one even lives in India, but somehow we have remained extremely close.  We're all there for each other at each others weddings, and were beginning to start families.  It makes me smile to think my kids best friends can be my best friends kids!  I have the greatest friends in the whole world and I'm such a lucky girl: Ashley, we were at one time joined at the hip.  We were always together, wore each others clothes, snuck out of the house together, we were literally like the same person.  Now she's a mommy too, and I have her to share the many joys of motherhood with.  She has blossomed into this beautiful mother and I am so proud of her.  Vicky, has always been my dance partner, she is someone I could always tell anything and everything to.  She is trustworthy and nurturing, with a big heart.  Shana, ohhhhh Shana how that girl makes me smile, she is one savvy big city girl, but never forgets her country roots, she is the girl who will rock her cowboy boots with me, I think she missed her calling as a backup dancer, she always puts me in a good mood.  Jessica, has always told the truth no matter what, I love her for that.  I love that when she gets around us girls she lets loose. She is so photogenic its ridiculous, she gives great advice, and she is beautiful inside and out.  Rebecca, there is so much to say about this free spirit, she lives in India and we look forward to her yearly visit.  I love that she can go from wearing a burka to jeans and cowboy boots.  This girl rocks, and has always been loved by all who meets her.  I must say she isn't the best roommate in the world, but I love her so much that it's okay that she would clog my sink with her hair!  She has made me laugh so hard I have almost peed my pants (okay so once she did make me, but we won't go there).  Jade, my partner in crime, we have so many inside jokes we could write our own book.  We can just look at each other and know what the other is thinking and laugh.  I love this girl so much I can not see her for months and when I do see her it will be like I just left her.  Jon, one of the girls, my boy bestie, "it's okay it's just Jon he doesn't care", hahaha most guys would hate all of this, but he loves us girls and would do anything for us. We have been through a lot together.  He is so dependable, and such a great guy any girl would be lucky to have him.  I really hope that he knows that he really is my boy bestie!  Ryan, jolly green giant I love that we're neighbors, his house has always been the "hang out" house even in high school, we have all had some good times at both houses.  He is a good friend and all it takes is a phone call and he is here if I need him.  Robert, we have always had a brother/sister relationship.  I beat him up once, and if you ask him he would say he let me beat him up.  Sometimes he can have a hard shell, but we all know he is soft in the middle and really loves us.  He would be here in a split second if I needed him and he is always there to pull me out of a ditch :)
You see I am a very lucky girl to have such wonderful friends who are all so supportive of me and especially Carterbug.  They all love Carter, and they come to the buddy walk to show their support for Down Syndrome.  Not one of them said I'm sorry or aww that's to bad when I told them that Carter had Down Syndrome.  They all had very positive things to say about it and I really appreciated that.

So last night Carter went to his first bonfire, had his first marshmallow, and had a great time being passed around from Aunt Vicky to Aunt Rebecca, to Uncle Ryan and even Uncle Robert :)  It was a great night and is going into the memory bank for sure.  It really does warm my heart to know that he is surrounded by all the love and support that I have always grown up around.  Last night I realized that we have grown up together and eventually we will grow old together!  And I just thought I should tell you that I love you guys so much!!!

awww Uncle Ry an Uncle Wobert
Carter's 1st bonfire

Crazy Aunt Rebecca
Aunt Vicky loves me!
Just hangin out with mommy
Ashley, sweet baby Austin, Becc, Vic, Bug, Kristin

September 12, 2011

I've been busy...I promise!

Really it's been well over a month since I have been on this blog of mine.  It's hard to say why, I guess it could be that I have been working full time, and Carter has been in daycare and were still adjusting to our schedule.  I must say it's been a little difficult adjusting, a little part of me (okay a huge part of me) has this giant overwhelming sense of guilt every time I drop him off at daycare.  Yes, he likes daycare and has adjusted well, he no longer cries when I drop him off, and gets excited when he sees his little friends and his teachers, but when I leave him to literally walk next door to start my day at work it's hard for me to start my day.  I miss him like crazy, I want to be home with him, teaching him new things, loving on my little bug, I feel like all I do is think and talk about Carter.  I know this is probably normal mom feelings, but I miss my time with him.  By the time we get home it's time for dinner, a bath, and poor little guy is so tired from the day he is in bed by 8pm!  I am glad and very lucky to have Fridays off to be with Carter, I have named Fridays Carter and Mommy's day, we can do anything we want.  We have been to the water park, gone shopping, gone to get ice cream, and we have just enjoyed being at home.  I do enjoy those days the most, just hanging out it our pj's, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, making pancakes, playing with his toys, and cuddling on the couch.  I really do like the daycare he is in, his teachers are great, and really willing to learn all about Down Syndrome, and ways they can work with Carter but of course I would rather be home with him. 
Carter has also brought home every kind of germ you can imagine home with him from daycare.  I very rarely get sick and I have been sick for over a month now.

On a lighter note fall is in the air, fall is my absolute favorite season, the weather, the smells, the food, sweaters and jeans, cowboy boots, harvest decorations, pumpkins, football, Carter dressing up in an adorable Halloween costume, whats not to love?  I have already decorated the house for fall (I was soooo over summer).  October is a big month, I have my girls beach trip, followed by the buddy walk, then to New York to see Erin Witkowski and her beautiful family for a long weekend! 

Carter is doing some new things around here, he waves bye bye and hello (cutest thing ever).  His belly laugh has grown and rather it coming up from his belly I think it starts at his toes, it's so loud and such a happy laugh you can't help but laugh back.  He is playing with more cause and effect toys, his new favorite thing is rolling the ball and catching it, you sit with him and roll the ball and out comes that belly laugh and then he claps for himself if he catches or rolls the ball.  He still isn't showing any interest in standing alone or walking, but it will come when he is ready.  I am so proud of my little buggy!!!

Just some adorable pics from my camera:
Enjoying Nah-Nah's birthday cake

Baked beans, hot dogs, and cake...great for the hair follicles


well hello there!

August 4, 2011

New Beginnings

I have so much to talk about!  So much has happened!  First off, we just got back from a week long vacation to Sea Island Georgia.  We had such a good time, I was curious to see how Carter would like the beach considering he was 3 months old last year and all he did was sleep the whole time.  Well the first two days that we were there, Carter wanted nothing to do with the beach, he hated the sand, he hated the ocean to say the least he was not a happy camper.  So we hung out at the Beach Club (I am not complaining one bit) he loves the pool!  The third day we decided to try the beach again, and to my surprise Carter loved the sand, he crawled all around in it and really enjoyed eating it!  He loved the ocean he was laughing and bouncing every time a wave crashed.  Hooooooray he loves it...we even took his awesome Cadillac of a wagon and made it into a cozy beach bed when he was ready for a nap. 

Helping Uncle Keith and Cole build sandcastles

 Oh, I forgot to mention while at dinner one night on vacation, a sweet lady named Bunny and her daughter came up to us asking about Carter.  She asked if he had down syndrome, we responded with a smile and said why yes he does.  Well she has a little boy Michael with down syndrome.  We finally met him the last day we were there at the pool. Michael is 10 years old and so adorable.  He had 30 some surgeries in his first year of life, and just recently in the past year had his feeding tube removed.  Michael has an incredible little boy with an amazing personality and vocabulary and I could understand every word that he spoke.  He loved Carterbug!

So about two weeks ago, while giving Carterbug a bath he was standing and holding on to the side of the tub.  Poor lil' bug slipped and I caught him right as he was hitting the water.  THIS ABSOLUTELY TRAUMATIZED THE CHILD!  Since then you can not put him in the tub without him screaming his head off.  (Keep in mind this little boy used to love taking baths, he never wanted to get out of the tub).  I tried putting him in the bathtub with his cousins Cole and Caroline at the beach (Aunt Chrissie and I needed a photo op) no such luck, Cole and Caroline was trying to make Carter smile by doing kissy faces, but Carter just wanted to make frowny faces.  I have tried giving him a sink bath that doesn't work either.  If he takes a bath with me or a shower with Jeff that's the only way he feels okay.  I am hoping he forgets that horrible day in the bath really soon! 

This Monday was a big day, it was Jeff's birthday, I started my new job, and Carter started daycare.  Jeff and I both dropped Carter off at daycare on his first day.  I cried uncontrollably, seriously uncontrollably.  He did great, when I picked him up his teacher said how well he did and he had two buddies and that they were the three musketeers (they have stuck together all week!  How cute is that?)  He is adjusting so well and he is exhausted everyday when I pick up.  Excuse me when I walk next door to get him (did I mention he goes to daycare right next door to my work?)  :)

There are so many changes (all good) going on right now.  It's going to take a little while for the three of us to get used to this new schedule.  I am so happy with my new job, but even happier that I have Fridays off to spend with Carterbug.  Fridays are going to be our special day that we have together!  HOORAY FOR NEW BEGINNINGS!