March 5, 2013

Carter's scare!

It's been almost a year since my last post, but I have been wanting to write about our scary experience back in October.  October, which is usually my absolute favorite month out of the year turned into hell in a hand basket.  I know many of you knew Carter was sick and he was in the hospital, but I haven't written or told the whole story to everyone.  I don't know why it has taken this long to write about it, maybe I wasn't ready to make those words real. "He wouldn't have made it".

Monday October 1st, started off like any other day.  We got up had breakfast, we played, we painted pumpkins, Carter ate the paint, and we ate lunch.  After lunch I got him down for a nap, he slept for two hours and woke up crying.  The only time he wakes up crying is if he has a fever.  I went upstairs to get him and sure enough he was warm and lethargic.  I was holding him on the couch for about an hour and he started dry heaving and foaming at the mouth.  I called his pediatrician took him in and they confirmed that he had the stomach bug that was going around to try and keep liquids in him and not to worry if he isn't eating.  That night Carter woke up in pain tossing and turning he couldn't get comfortable. Each day after that was the same, he wouldn't eat, barely drank anything, he just wanted to be held, would cry if I put him down, and at night he would wake up writhing in pain again and would throw up.  I am thinking this whole time his stomach must be really crampy with this stomach bug.  By Wednesday my sweet friend Korey called to check on Carter, she had told me that her little boy Jack had the stomach bug the week before and they had taken him to the ER to get fluids and anti nausea medicine and he had perked right up, and that maybe it would be a good idea to take Carter the next day.

The next day I called his pediatrician to let him know that he was getting worse and that I was 100% sure that Carter was dehydrated.  Took him in and he confirmed what I already knew and called the ER to let them know we were headed there so we didn't have to wait.  They admitted him in the ER and hooked him up to an IV.  The nurses kept checking on him to see if he was perking up at all and he really stayed the same.  So finally the doctor came in and gave us the option to take him home to see if I could get him to drink or to admit him over night just for observation and to guarantee that he would get the liquids in him that he needed.  We chose option B just to be on the safe side.  Throughout the evening Carter seemed to be feeling better he even sat up and ate ice cream. During this time Korey's husband Robert came up to check on Carter.  He brought to our attention that if Carter had the stomach bug for going on 4 days now why haven't we gotten it, then asked us if he could have swallowed something.  Hmmmm...Carter has an oral fixation and is constantly putting things in his mouth why didn't I think of this of course he could have swallowed something!!!!!!  I asked the doctor if we could get an Xray of his stomach and she agreed that we could go right down.  Jeff was in the Xray room with Carter and I was behind the wall with the computer so as soon as it was taken there it was! It looked like a metal lifesaver in his stomach.  My first reaction and the doctor's was is that a washer?? I was wracking my brain where would he have gotten a washer?

They were wanting to see if he could pass the "washer".  My sister decided to stay with Carter and I that night so Jeff could get up and go to work the next morning.  After we had laid down and Carter was fast asleep, around midnight he woke up screaming and again writhing in pain.  The doctor gave him some morphine to ease his pain and he would sleep for an hour then wake up and it began again.  We didn't sleep at all that night.  At 5am Carter was screaming, he was so unhappy, so uncomfortable, I held him we turned on the lights and I noticed he was burning up and his color was way off he looked gray like a shade close to death.  It was the absolute scariest moment of my life, the doctors and nurses came in and I just kept saying something is wrong this is not my child we have to do something! His temperature was 105 and his heart rate was in the 180's.  Something is seriously seriously wrong here!  Jeff came as fast as he could get there and he got there when they were in the process of hooking Carter up to all the monitors you could think of along with oxygen and wheeling Carter and I to the PICU.  Many doctors and nurses came in and was talking and saying things and all those things were not clicking with me.  I was sleep deprived going on 5 days now, I was freaking out on the inside because I knew something was wrong I just didn't know what!  The surgeon came in and was telling me that he didn't think that it was the "washer" that was doing this to him that they were going to still observe him to see if he would pass it.  Meanwhile, I was freaking out in my head I was keeping it together on the outside.  I can't let Carter know that I am scared I have to stay strong for him, for Jeff, for my mom, my sister everyone!  If  I freak out everyone will fall apart! Stay strong Kristin stay strong! 

By noon that day after about three other xrays to check to see if the foreign object had moved at all, the surgeon came in to let us know that it hadn't and that he wanted to go in and remove it.  Was I scared? Absolutely! I wanted him out of pain and deep down I knew this was what was causing his pain no matter how many doctors told me there was no way!  The surgery was supposed to take 2 hours.  We went to eat lunch in the cafeteria, I felt like a zombie.  Life was happening all around me, but I felt like I was moving in slow motion.  I just had my tiny little boy ripped from my arms unwillingly so he could be cut open!  Oh dear God keep him safe I kept saying over and over in my head.  Jeff helped me with my tray in the cafeteria and I was going to add condiments on my hospital cheeseburger and I lost it, I broke down in the hospital cafeteria! 

Our pager went off and we thought it was early (it had only been about an hour and a half) we spoke to Dr. Becky who was the PICU doctor and was watching his surgery the entire time.  She had let us know that it was going great, but taking longer that they had originally thought.  She explained to us that when Dr. Farooqui (the surgeon) got in there they found that the object had wore a hole in Carter's intestines which caused the bowel to perforate.  There was bile, and bacteria leaking throughout his entire tiny abdominal.  This means he has sepsis she said.  Oh ok I have heard of that before I knew that it wasn't good to have but nothing could have prepared me for what Jeff had to say...3 hours later the surgery was done.  I stayed in Carter's room to wait for his post surgery arrival while Jeff talked to Dr. Farooqui.  He told Jeff everything, then Jeff told me everything...Everything went well, Carter did fantastic, he went inch by inch through all of his intestines cleaning everything to make sure all of the bile was cleaned out and to make sure there were no more holes.  Then came the part that hit me in the gut like a ton of bricks "if we hadn't gotten in there when we did, he wouldn't have made it" wow! My eyes filled up with giant crocodile tears, what if Carter wouldn't have made it?  Life would have no meaning, I would have no reason to smile, no reason to laugh, no reason to get out of bed in the morning!  What if is all I kept saying to myself life with no Carterbug would be no life at all! They wheeled his crib in the room and he was still sedated and I just kept looking at this precious gift that not only God give me once he gave him to me twice!  I was just so happy to see him I wasn't worried about the breathing tube and the monitors I just cared that he was alive and he was going to be ok! 

Jeff let me go home and finally sleep that night, it was the hardest thing to go home without hearing Mickey Mouse clubhouse in the background, or having to clean up a billion toys!  It was quiet and not a good quiet I couldn't sleep not having his heavy breathing in my ear from his monitor I wanted him home!   My mother and father in law arrived from Georgia that night and she stayed for 2 weeks (she truly is the best mother in law in the world).  Each day something good happened.  His breathing tube was out the following day, but he had gained eight pounds in water weight.  I couldn't believe how heavy he was.  Four days later he moved out of the PICU into a regular room on the floor.  That was nice, because we could lay with him and cuddle with him!  He was so over being in the hospital by day 6.  Sick of being poked and prodded and woken up.  It took him forever to talk or to even smile.  We would take him to the playroom in the hospital and he wouldn't want to play he just wanted to be held. Carter stayed on an IV the entire time, along with a picc line going to his heart with four different antibiotics, and began nutrition through his IV.  After being there for over a week we were all over being at the hospital, he finally began to eat a little bit. Wednesday the 17th after being there for two weeks we finally got to take our baby boy home!!!!! 

That was a long scary journey for our family and I am so thankful for all of the awesome doctors and nurses that took care of him, our family who is an amazing support system and our friends (especially Korey and Robert for telling me to take him to the ER and for telling me to order an Xray! You were our guardian angels during that time!)  It's so scary to think about him not being here, but it makes you realize how precious life is that you never know when your child could swallow a metal button, you never think that your child could be diagnosed with cancer until you hear those terrible words, you never know if when you say goodnight it could be the last goodnight!  I make sure I tell Carter that I love him at least 50 times a day, give him lots of kisses and hugs, and I thank God every night for giving us this second chance with our Carterbug!

post surgery
supporting my baby bo

Dr. Becky


Daddy loving on his boy

when we moved to the PICU that scary morning


finally a smile

Home at last!


April 15, 2012

2 already???

Wow!  Emotions are high tonight on the eve of Carter's second birthday.  For some reason this birthday is more difficult for me than his first.  I held on tight and just kept staring at this sweet "baby" of mine as I rocked him to sleep tonight while tears streamed down my face.  I didn't want to lay him down.  I'm just not ready to say goodbye to those sweet baby years.  Don't get me wrong I am really excited to see what the future holds for our precious boy, but why does it have to go by so fast!?  I keep finding myself saying "well this time two years ago" and then I stop and just think wow two years?  Where in the world has the time gone?  I would go back and do it all over again the labor pains and all, but especially seeing that sweet face for the first time.  Laying my eyes on this beautiful miracle God so graciously gave to Jeff and I.  I will never forget seeing those almond shaped eyes, the squished nose, the folded tiny ears, his short little fingers and toes, and all that hair.  I was the only one in the room who knew his little secret that he was rocking that little extra chromosome, and when they laid him on my chest I took a deep breath and inhaled that wonderful smell of my baby boy.  He was perfect and beautiful and I was already so much in love!

So where did the time go?  Somehow, sometime, that tiny little baby became my sweet toddler.  He is the most loving, rambunctious, smart, amazing, determined, adorable, precious, crazy little boy!  He is my Carterbug!  Happy 2nd Birthday little boy, I love you so much!!!

February 26, 2012

Inspirational words

I have been wanting to blog about this since November, but that's where that laziness came in.  In November my uncle Chuck sent me a text message letting me know that he had a surprise for me.  Okay those of you who know me well, know that yes I do in fact love a surprise, but on the other hand I will grill someone about it until the surprise is ruined!  That's just how I work, anyway right after that text so many things were running through my head.  Hmm, are you moving?  Did something happen?  Is my grandmother moving back to NC?  Did you win a trip around the world and you have decided your to busy so your giving that trip to me? ;)  He let me know it was nothing like any of these, and then said it's not that big of a deal.  I was still wondering though I couldn't help it.  Let me preface just a little.  My uncle Chuck is a super guy!  I love him very much and he has always ALWAYS been there for me.  No big event in my life feels complete without him there.  I just look up to him, and have so much admiration for him.  And I love that Carter has a Choo Choo as great as him! 

So about a week later I get an email from Chuck with the subject line, Surprise.  I opened up and this is what I read:
The surprise was nothing major.
The Methodist Church has Lay Speakers which means from time to time Lay Speakers are asked to deliver the message. I was asked to deliver the sermon last Sunday. This is the message I delivered. I thought you might find it meaningful. You were an inspiration!
Uncle Chuck
Attached was his sermon he had given, little did he know it was major.  It hit my heart strings and tears were rolling down my face as a sat there and read these powerful words.  Thank you sweet uncle for these inspirational have been an inspiration in my life and I love you so much!
Nov 20th Sermon
Compassion – Our Obligation
Scripture Matthew 25: 31-46
When Randy sent me the link to some scriptures I could use for today, he said to use the scriptures for the Laity Sunday that we missed and are celebrating today or use the November 20th lectionary.  He also added that if I didn’t use the November 20th lectionary to notify Cindy and Miriam because they had already chosen the music.  What kind of choice is that?  You think I want to ask Cindy Timberlake to change the music.  I am kidding Cindy.
So I chose this Sunday’s scripture.
This is one of the most powerful passages in the Bible and the irony is the last time I stood up here to speak I used the same scripture.  There are plenty of sermons in this verse.
Jesus commands us in very, very strong language to treat the least fortunate of us, the poor, the sick, and the hungry, even those in prison … to treat those folks as if they were Jesus himself.  In fact he says that if you don’t do this you will be eternally punished.
We all know that John 3 16 is the basic foundation of our Christian faith.  For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.  However, the blueprint for how we should live our life is outlined in this passage from Matthew.  Treat those who are less fortunate than us as if they were Jesus.   
 It’s a simple concept – sometimes difficult to execute – The essence of this scripture is this - Jesus is commanding us to show compassion.  We are obligated.
Definition of “compassion” – a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering.
“a strong desire to alleviate suffering”
 Isn’t that a great mission statement for a Christian?
Many of us who live in Southmont and on High Rock Lake have realized the so-called American Dream.  We have accumulated enough to live comfortably where we want to live.  We live in beautiful homes on or near a beautiful lake.  I know.  I have seen your homes!   However, it has been uncomfortable for many of us the last few years.  We find the days more challenging and get caught up in our own woes, those times when the outgo outweighs the income. Isn’t it easy to forget how fortunate we really are. 
Nancy Lewellen shared a Facebook post the other day  and it said …What if you woke up today with all the things you thanked God for yesterday – my first reaction was ouch!  Don’t you think a grateful heart is more likely to  lead to a compassionate and sharing heart?  So a first step to compassion for the less fortunate is recognizing our blessings and being thankful. 
What is disturbing in the current political and economic climate, is when we witness an absolute lack of compassion.  We, as Americans, often seem to blame the less fortunate for their current condition and idolize the successful and wealthy.  For example, one of my idols was Steve Jobs who passed away recently, But after reading his biography, he was not a person I would strive to be.
It’s amazing how this point of view – blame the less fortunate idolize the successful -  has been woven into American culture – “the American Dream”  . “Protestant Work Ethic” – work hard and be independent -  - and you will succeed.  So we have basically rolled “The American Dream and American Capitalism into our Christianity although I have never seen see the scriptural basis for it.   It’s uncanny to me that the average American, regardless of economic status, seems to identify with and protect the wealthy often at the expense of the poor.  I am guilty of this as well.
Many of us attempt to make “our Christian faith” part of our political dialogue.  We often get very keyed up on symbolic issues. A couple of years ago we were encouraged to boycott any business who said “Happy Holidays”.  Really?    Or get revved up about not being allowed to put a manger scene in a public place. Or the constant complaint about the need for organized prayer in the public schools. 
We should all be proud of our Methodist tradition –
From The Book of Discipline
“The United Methodist Church has for many years supported the separation of church and state”….”The state should not use its authority to promote particular religious beliefs including atheism nor should it require prayer or worship  in the public school, but it should leave students free to practice their own religious convictions.”
Frankly there is more energy around these mostly symbolic issues than there is with compassion for those less fortunate in our society or in our world.  We want to build walls and fences rather than consider the plight of a man who will risk his life to climb that wall or that fence because he has no food.  Does building a wall solve hunger? Our scripture today lays out in very strong and unambiguous language what Jesus commands us to do with the less fortunate.   Do you ever wonder where Jesus would hang out if he was here today?  We should not discourage people for being passionate about their faith.  In fact we should applaud them. But………if we are going to make our faith part of the public forum and part of interaction with the political system, then we need a more substantive agenda.   I can think of no priority that is greater than today’s scripture’s lesson –- According to Matthew, these words came straight from the mouth of Jesus.  Show Compassiona strong desire to alleviate suffering
I have heard some say the major attraction of Macedonia is our spirit of of compassion.  The things we have witnessed in this church community over the years have at times been nothing less than awe inspring and were a major factor in Florette and I choosing Macedonia. We saw it before we joined. We have a compassionate tradition at Macedonia.  Methodist Men, Methodist Women and the Outreach Ministry all do great things.
The Cancer Ministry and Relay Team – my chosen ministries have been such a wonderfully collaborative effort among so many gifted people who have compassion, again - a strong desire to alleviate suffering..   I know our Relay for Life efforts may be taking a different path this year. I have stepped down as team captain,   But I would hope you could find it in your heart to stay involved. 
Finally, I have a very personal story of compassion, of love and of God’s Grace.
April 2010 was a very emotional time for me.  In the same weekend, two life changing events happened. First, My Aunt Ruth, who never married, died after a 10 year battle with Alzheimer’s at the age of 86.  I was never real close to my grandmothers but this woman was a saint in my eyes and I loved no one any more than I loved her, my parents included and to see her mind and body deteriorate and my subsequent prayers that God take her brought up intense emotions in me.   There was a silver lining however.  Within 24 hours my niece Kristin had a baby boy and what was to be a joyous occasion was quickly overshadowed in my mind, at least by the fact, that Carter had Down’s syndrome.  I remember being a total mess that Sunday in church.  I was so sad for this niece I loved and the challenges she faced.  Lee and Marsha Burch may remember this because they were sitting near me and actually came over and embraced me like the dear friends they are – they were compassionate..
Well 18 months later and Carter Montgomery is an absolute joy in our family’s life. We LOVE Carter.  We cannot imagine Carter not being here, He is happy and loving and has a beautiful spirit.  That is only half the story.  The most amazing thing is what it has done for my niece Kristin (with a lot of support from her husband Jeff).  Kristin has brought all her considerable talents and skills (some I honestly didn’t know she had) and LOVE and compassion as an advocate for Down’s syndrome.  She writes a wonderfully articulate blog with beautiful photos of Carter and his friends. She talks about hot button issues in that community.    She is on the local board for Down’s syndrome.  She communicates with and travels to see other Down’s syndrome parents. (She was in New York a few weeks ago).  So not only is Carter a pure joy, he has enhanced this beautiful spirit of Love and compassion and energy in Kristin that is a something to behold.  We are so proud of her!  We are proud of Jeff.  And we are so proud of Carter.  Oh Chuck, ye of little faith!  God knew what he was doing.  What appeared to be adversity is now a blessing.

God often gives us lessons in compassion by taking what before had simply been “nameless faces” that do not affect us and giving us a personal stake in an issue.   I didn’t think much about cancer when I was younger but then people I loved died from it and then I got it and then my dad died from it.  I didn’t think too much about how Alzheimer’s can ravage a family until my Aunt Ruth got it. I didn’t think much about what multiple sclerosis could do to the body until my friend Phil told me he had MS.  I didn’t think too much about how what its like to be gay   until my cousin, Tim, told me he was gay.  I didn’t think too much about Downs Syndrome until my great nephew Carter came along.  Sometimes God just has to give us a nudge and put a name on that face and warriors wanting to alleviate suffering will emerge.
So finally I will leave you with these three thoughts.
1– Thank God Every Day for the blessings we have received  – we are among the most fortunate people on earth and let’s not forget that.  
2) Accept we are More Fortunate and Share our gifts and our blessings with those less fortunate
3) Sometimes God gives us opportunities that aren’t immediately obvious that can bring the best out in us. Whether it’s cancer, MS, Alzheimer’s, a homeless person an orphan child, a gay cousin or a Down’s syndrome baby …..
As Jesus said,
'Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these, you did it to me.'

 This is love:

February 21, 2012

Hello world...

Hello all!  It's been a while, a long while. I don't have a great excuse, but I do have one or some.  I have been busy (yes all mommies who blog are busy), I have been lazy as well, there have been many things I have wanted to blog about, but I would wait way to long so I thought maybe it was pointless.  I have also thought about forgetting about this whole blogging thing all together (I thought I had a good run with it so I should go ahead and end it).  Always in the back of my mind I knew that I couldn't do that, I do love it.  I love telling everyone about Carter and his milestones talking about Down Syndrome, and therapies which is what I talked about alot when I first started blogging.  I have had a change of heart, I get a little burned out (I hate to admit it, but I do).  I feel that there is so much more to our lives other than Down Syndrome.  Carter is so much more to me than that.  I know, I know your probably thinking, duh ofcourse he is more than that.  But honestly it's so easy to get consumed with the extra chromosome, and all the therapies, and the attention that you get at the grocery store, and everything else that goes with it.  I want to take a new approach with my blog, start fresh, (I am not saying I will never talk about Down Syndrome again, how silly ofcourse I will it is apart of our lives just not all of it). 

So much has happened since the last time I blogged.  The biggest thing is I am now a stay at home mommy I REPEAT I AM NOW A STAY AT HOME MOMMY...HOOOOORAY!!!!!  This is a dream I have always had to be with my children at home, to do fun things during the day while everyone else is at work, be there with open arms and a freshmade cookie when they get home from school, help with homework, you know be a supermom ;).  I am excited to be home with my little bug everyday.  Were gonna have a blast, and I want to document it here on this blog of mine.!!!

Since I haven't been on here forever I will go ahead and give the Carterbug update:  Carter has been really sick alot (which is why I am home now).  He has had measles, RSV, erythema multiforme, hand foot and mouth disease, upper respiratory infection one after the other since August.  The RSV was the straw that broke the camels back.  Three weeks ago, Carter was miserable, he didn't want to eat he was loosing weight, he looked pale, he had circles under his eyes, he was absolutely pitiful.  We took him to the doctor and he said it RSV and also told us Carter was right on the edge of going to the hospital to be put on oxygen.  That's all it took for Jeff to look right at me and tell me to put my notice in at work the following day.  That's what I did, luckily I worked for an awesome office with amazing co-workers who were completely understanding that family comes first!  So as of last Friday my official title is Kristin Montgomery, stay at home mom!  YES!  Now since Carter has been home, he has gained his weight back, he has his color back and he is on the move everywhere.  We bought one of those little shopping carts, at first he wanted absolutely nothing to do with it, but now he can't get enough of it.  He is so cute walking behind this little cart all over the house, and you can tell he is so proud of himself.  I can now say I swear by the shopping cart idea!  He is signing and saying more and eat.  He can make all sorts of animal sounds, cow, dog, chicken, sheep, tiger, and he can say a couple of them too.  When you tell him bye-bye he tells you bye-bye and blows you a kiss. 

Now that's the sweet side of that little stinker, he is also approaching terrible twos!  He loves to yell over and over as loud as he can until he gives mommy a migraine, he hits, and pinches, and sometimes he bites, he is defiant, and he will test our patience every chance he gets.  Were working on this! 

So now that I got through that little update, I look forward to blogging about my daily adventures with Carterbug.  Stay tuned it's gonna be an exciting, fun, loving, learning from each other, exhausting, but worth every second ride!

Just some adorable pictures of Carterbug:

November 7, 2011

October in a Nutshell

Well I decided to wait and blog about the month of October all together...It was a busy month for the Montgomery family. So sit back and relax, this is going to be a long post!  I kicked the month off with a girls beach weekend with all of my bestest friends, oh yeah and my boy bestie Jon! We had a blast, Jeff was at home on "daddy duty" and the bug well he was sick.  Before I left for the beach he was getting a high fever here and day he would be fine then the next it would spike and he was fussy, one visit to the doctor and he told us that Carter had Hand Foot and Mouth Disease (nice).  I thought about not going to the beach, but my wonderful hubby assured me that everything was okay and that he had this under control.  So away I went, I woke up Saturday morning to check up on the bug.  Jeff said that he had a rash all over him so he was taking him to the doctor, I got a call back a few hours later and the doctor had told Jeff that they were just hives from a reaction to the HFM virus.  Jeff was completely sugar coating all the yucky details he knew I would be going 200mph on the highway if I knew what our little boy looked like or felt like.  The next day I got home at 11am, to find a Carterbug that I did not recognize...My adorable little boy had now resembled Jabba the Hut (okay that's a little overboard)  He was so swollen and covered head to toe in this red and purple rash, my poor little boy had cankles!  We called the doctor and told him what this rash looked like...he immediately said meet me ASAP at the ER were getting a platelet count.  So of course the first thing that ran through my mind is my child has Leukemia (insert scared mommy here).  I later found out the doctor was thinking the same, but thank goodness as soon as his doctor saw him he said oh that's nothing it's just Erethyma Multiforme.  Oh okay is that all?  What the heck is that? It's just a rash that goes away on its own it just makes your child look like a character from Star Wars got it! 
These were taken after the rash started clearing up

The following week we had the Buddy Walk, it was a big success this year!  Thanks to all who came out to show their support for Carter and all of those who rock that extra chromosome!  Go Carter's Crew!

Itney and Carter
Nah Nah and Carter

BB and Carter
Carter's Crew minus a few!
The following weekend we boarded a plane and headed to New York to visit the Witkowski's...this is a whole blog post by itself so I will hit the highlights:  This was Carter's first plane ride, Jeff was a little worried that Carter would have a meltdown on the plane and we would be those people with a screaming baby on the plane, but not Carter he slept the whole time.  We were greeted at the airport by Erin (a bouquet of flowers in hand) and Paul.  This was my first time meeting Paul, and Jeff's first time meeting both of them, but you would have never of guessed that.  We instantly bonded on the way to their house and talked like we hadn't seen each other in years.  They showed us such a great time, we went to the rodeo, fishing, had a campfire, church and we took a train into the city (which again could be a whole blog post in its self)   We had such a good time, it truly feels as if we have been friends with Erin and Paul for years.  We definitely built a lifelong friendship with the "Ski's.  I hate that we live so far from them, but we will be seeing them again soon!  I cried as soon as Erin dropped us off at the airport.  I could sit for hours listening to Mason talk and holding sweet Grady in my arms.  I feel so blessed to have these new friends in our life!
Buds for Life!
This one is for Paul! hehehe
Tubby time

Rockin matchin jammies!

Just hangin' out at the rodeo!  Taken by Erin

Buggy and Daddy at the 9/11 Memorial

Mommy and Bug at the Statue of Liberty

Perfect way to end our time in NY, Erin captured the perfect picture
To end the month of October, I threw a Halloween party for Carter and his buddies.  The Montgomery Baby Bootackular was a success and so much fun! 

Carter's first kiss with the beautiful Alice

October 5, 2011

First picnic

Carter went on his very first picnic last Saturday.  With mommy and aunt Itney (daddy was under the weather).  I am so glad Whitney came with us, we decided to go to Hagan Stone Park in good ol'  Pleasant Garden, but first we had to get our food for the picnic...we decided on Bill's Pizza (just a local pizza place that's been around forever that I worked at for 5 years).  Once we got our delicious square pepperoni pizza we headed to park.  It was a brisk 60 degree day with the perfect fall breeze (my favorite kind of weather) the three of us found a perfect sunny spot on the grass to layout our picnic blanket and break out the picnic basket full of pizza and other goodies.  We had a great time, Carter was so cute getting everything out of the picnic basket.  We took Carter on the swings and let him slide down the slide all by himself.  We watched the clouds go by, and looked for shapes in the sky.  We stayed for two hours and didn't want to leave...... it was a great day! 

Matching puffy vest a must for fall fashion! haha my sister is probably having a heart attack right this second
Stealing from the picnic basket

It's ridiculous how much I love this kid


Aunt Itney, she's the bestest

My happy place, is when I have this boy in my arms

So sweet


September 19, 2011

Friends really forever!

So they say you meet your life long friends in college...well we all met in middle school and some of us in elementary school.  We're a rare breed we have all grown up together (literally).  I have had the same circle of friends for most of my life, and there is much to be said about that.  Yes it is very rare not many people can say they even talk to their friends from high school, some stay in touch with a few people, but we ALL still hang out.  Were even spread out, two in DC, one even lives in India, but somehow we have remained extremely close.  We're all there for each other at each others weddings, and were beginning to start families.  It makes me smile to think my kids best friends can be my best friends kids!  I have the greatest friends in the whole world and I'm such a lucky girl: Ashley, we were at one time joined at the hip.  We were always together, wore each others clothes, snuck out of the house together, we were literally like the same person.  Now she's a mommy too, and I have her to share the many joys of motherhood with.  She has blossomed into this beautiful mother and I am so proud of her.  Vicky, has always been my dance partner, she is someone I could always tell anything and everything to.  She is trustworthy and nurturing, with a big heart.  Shana, ohhhhh Shana how that girl makes me smile, she is one savvy big city girl, but never forgets her country roots, she is the girl who will rock her cowboy boots with me, I think she missed her calling as a backup dancer, she always puts me in a good mood.  Jessica, has always told the truth no matter what, I love her for that.  I love that when she gets around us girls she lets loose. She is so photogenic its ridiculous, she gives great advice, and she is beautiful inside and out.  Rebecca, there is so much to say about this free spirit, she lives in India and we look forward to her yearly visit.  I love that she can go from wearing a burka to jeans and cowboy boots.  This girl rocks, and has always been loved by all who meets her.  I must say she isn't the best roommate in the world, but I love her so much that it's okay that she would clog my sink with her hair!  She has made me laugh so hard I have almost peed my pants (okay so once she did make me, but we won't go there).  Jade, my partner in crime, we have so many inside jokes we could write our own book.  We can just look at each other and know what the other is thinking and laugh.  I love this girl so much I can not see her for months and when I do see her it will be like I just left her.  Jon, one of the girls, my boy bestie, "it's okay it's just Jon he doesn't care", hahaha most guys would hate all of this, but he loves us girls and would do anything for us. We have been through a lot together.  He is so dependable, and such a great guy any girl would be lucky to have him.  I really hope that he knows that he really is my boy bestie!  Ryan, jolly green giant I love that we're neighbors, his house has always been the "hang out" house even in high school, we have all had some good times at both houses.  He is a good friend and all it takes is a phone call and he is here if I need him.  Robert, we have always had a brother/sister relationship.  I beat him up once, and if you ask him he would say he let me beat him up.  Sometimes he can have a hard shell, but we all know he is soft in the middle and really loves us.  He would be here in a split second if I needed him and he is always there to pull me out of a ditch :)
You see I am a very lucky girl to have such wonderful friends who are all so supportive of me and especially Carterbug.  They all love Carter, and they come to the buddy walk to show their support for Down Syndrome.  Not one of them said I'm sorry or aww that's to bad when I told them that Carter had Down Syndrome.  They all had very positive things to say about it and I really appreciated that.

So last night Carter went to his first bonfire, had his first marshmallow, and had a great time being passed around from Aunt Vicky to Aunt Rebecca, to Uncle Ryan and even Uncle Robert :)  It was a great night and is going into the memory bank for sure.  It really does warm my heart to know that he is surrounded by all the love and support that I have always grown up around.  Last night I realized that we have grown up together and eventually we will grow old together!  And I just thought I should tell you that I love you guys so much!!!

awww Uncle Ry an Uncle Wobert
Carter's 1st bonfire

Crazy Aunt Rebecca
Aunt Vicky loves me!
Just hangin out with mommy
Ashley, sweet baby Austin, Becc, Vic, Bug, Kristin