December 16, 2010

Merry Christmas "mama"

So 2 days ago, I got the best Christmas present!  I have been working with Carter, trying to get him to say mamamamamamamama and dadadadadadadada.  Well he chose to say mama!  Just out of the blue he started saying mamamamamama, then smiling really big!  Talking about making a girl's heart skip a beat!  That sweet bundle of all boy has this mama wrapped around his little finger! 

December 11, 2010

Christmas time is here!

The Season is among us!  I am so excited about starting traditions with my family.  As long as I can remember I have dreamed about having a family and how Christmas would be with my children.  Of course Carter is still to small to realize what is going on, he is just interested in grabbing the ornaments off the tree! 

Today we went to the Family Support Network's Christmas party.  It was held at Gateway Education Center.  (Family Support Network helps children with disabilities and premature babies catch up where they need to be).  All I can say, it was so very humbling being there today.  There were so many families who have children with Down Syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, etc...To an outsider, one may think awww how sad...but as an insider let me tell you...Everyone there was so happy...there were so many holiday crafts for all the children, food and SANTA!  It really puts things in perspective when your busy running around buying gifts that will be forgotten about next year.  It makes you stop and say, this is what Christmas is all about, family and friends, and these amazing children God ever so lovingly put into our lives!

November 30, 2010

So proud of you Carter bug!

Carter has been working hard, and now he is sitting on his own!  He sits up for long periods of time to play with his toys...he feels like such a big boy (you can just tell he is proud to be sitting).  He has been sitting for a few weeks now for a little bit at a time.  While we were in Georgia visiting family for Thanksgiving, he decided he would show off and sit up with no help and for a long time!!!  Carter also started his army crawl too!  This little monkey is always so determined to do things his way when he wants to do them, no matter the odds that are against him!  He makes me so proud everyday watching him accomplish things that he has worked so hard for!  GO CARTER BUG!!!!

Were getting ready for Carter's first Christmas...I am so excited to see him sitting up and opening his gifts from Santa!!

 Oh yes I have not mentioned that Carter got a new hat!  haha sweet little boy just got cuter with this helmet!  It bothers mommy and daddy more than it bothers him.  Were always messing with it to keep it straight!  He wears it 22 hours a day for 7 months!

November 14, 2010

look what I can do....

Carter is getting so big!  He is holding his own bottle, sitting up for a little bit at a time, rolling and pivoting all over the place, and I'm thinking he is going to crawl pretty soon!  The best part he is reaching for mommy and daddy now (along with his toys too!!)
holding my bottle like a big boy

mommy got me right before i fell over


Congratulations to our friends Ashley and Keith Brewer! Expecting their first bundle of joy in May 2011! Your going to make wonderful parents!  I'm so happy to watch your family grow along with ours!!!!  God Bless your sweet family!  Love you all ;-)

Ashley your gonna make a beautiful mother!!!  And Keith your gonna be a great daddy!!

(Ashley and Carter 1 day old, I so knew you wanted a baby here!) :)

November 7, 2010


Well the holidays are among us, and tis the season of giving!  With Thanksgiving just a  couple weeks away, I just thought I would go ahead and give thanks for all the many wonderful blessings in my life......

First off I am thankful for my husband Jeff.  He is my biggest fan, he is always rooting me on when I don't think I can study for another test!  He tells me everyday that I'm a wonderful mother (which to me is the best compliment I can ever receive!)  He lets me stay home with our son.  He supports our family, providing food on our table, a warm and cozy home, and keeps me laughing! He is my best friend, I love him with all my heart and appreciate him more than he will ever know.  I'm thankful  for being a mother to our beautiful son Carter, he is absolutely the apple of my eye, and the light of my life.  He makes me smile every time I see him.  I am thankful that he is healthy, and that despite his medical diagnosis of having Down Syndrome, he is beating the odds and hitting every single milestone the same time if not before "typical babies."  I am so thankful that God has blessed Jeff and I with such a beautiful gift who is loved by all that meets him.  I am thankful for our family, I couldn't ask for a better support system so full of love.  Our friends who have stuck by us through thick and thin.  I am thankful for the food in my belly, a roof over my head, clothes on my back and my health.  And last but not least, I am thankful for God and my faith without him none of this would be possible!  Thank you for all the many blessings in my life!!!!

November 2, 2010

Special Angel

I found this beautiful poem today and thought I would share:

Special Angel

(Down Syndrome Birth)
by Sandy Eakle

As beautiful angels wings were

flying over the streets of gold,

the baby angels could only

watch since they weren't very old.

Then one day God stopped to

talk to a little one without wings,

just listen to the angels sing".

Confused yet excited the little

one said to the Lord,

"But I'm different from the others

God and not a miracle to behold".

"Oh, but yes you are," He said

with a hug and smile on his face.

"You're the greatest gift I can give

and a loving home you will grace".

You mean, tho I'm different and

will never be beautiful or smart

Someone will want me and give

me a place in their heart?"

"Gee God.....that person must be

special to be glad to have me,

Cause most folks would frown

and upset they would be."

God said, "your little heart was

filled with more love than most.

Cause I knew this family would

love you and hold you real close.

So go my little angel and take

the greatest gift I can bestow.

You're that "special" angel few

people have the honor to know."

October 29, 2010

Thank you!

Today was Lisa's last day with Carter.  Those of you who don't know, Lisa works with the Family Support Network, they help premature babies and babies with disabilities with their development.  Those of you who know me have heard me talk about Lisa a million and one times.  Here goes a million and two.  She has worked with Carter every other week since he was a month old.  Unfortunately she only works with the babies until they are 6 months old.  I'm sure she would have no life if it was up to the families she works with, because every family would want her to stay forever!  She has been such a blessing to our family.  She has been so wonderful with Carter, and he has grown so much because of her.  Lisa if you are reading this, know that we are going to miss you every other week, but don't think for one second you are getting rid of us! ;-)  Thank you so much for all your support professionally and personally.  You have such a big heart and it shows.  Your an amazing person and we appreciate you so much!  You have become a lifetime friend and lifetime member of Carter's Crew!  Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!  From the bottom of my heart for all you do!   

October 24, 2010

Buddy Walk 2010

Carter's Crew minus 16 the rest were in Georgia, had already left or some were in the bathroom! haha Thank you all!!!!
All I can say is WOW!  Carter's Crew was a hit!  We had about 50 team members and a great time!  Thank you so much to all of our wonderful friends and family members that came out to support Carter!  And, thank you to our family in Georgia who could not be there, but represented Carter last week at the Buddy Walk in Macon!  Thanks to all who contributed to Carter's Crew!  I'm so glad that so many people have so much love for Jeff and I, but especially for Carter!  It was great seeing all the families supporting all the amazing kids and adults who have Down Syndrome.  It shows you there is still so much love out there in the world!  Again thank you all from the bottom of my heart!!!

October 22, 2010

Gearing up for the Buddy Walk

We are getting so excited about our first Buddy Walk tomorrow!  We are so blessed to have so many wonderful family and friends to support us!!  Look out everyone Carter's Crew is comin' through!!  To donate in Carter's honor or to get directions to the Buddy Walk click here:  Thanks to the many wonderful people who have donated already!

October 17, 2010

Happy 1/2 Birthday!

Happy 1/2 Birthday Carter! I can't believe your already 6 months old. I love you so much!!!

October 13, 2010

Trying something new...

This is what mommy gets for letting me feed myself...
I think he is getting the concept that the spoon goes in his mouth, but we still have some work to do!! :)

October 12, 2010

I'm the lucky one!

Since Carter was born, so many people has said God knew who to give him to. I have heard how he is so lucky to have such a loving family. I love all the kind words everyone has said, but honestly I wonder how did I get to be so lucky? How is it that I get to be the mother of this beautiful little boy? The little boy who makes me smile every day, who makes my heart skip a beat when he giggles, and who makes my life have so much more meaning! I am so proud to call him my son...I love when someone notices that he has Down Syndrome, they simply smile with a he is sooooo cute and asks does he have DS? I reply with a yep, he sure does with a big grin on my face! What can I say, I am one proud momma!

Carter continues to amaze me everyday...Today he had his doctor's appointment at the developmental clinic at Women's hospital. He weighs 17 pounds 1 ounce and he is 25 and 3 quarters inches long. He passed his hearing screen and amazed the dietitian, showed off for the physical therapists, and the developmental pediatrician thought he was a hoot. I said he made all A's on his report card today! He is rolling over both ways, pivoting towards a toy on his belly, trying to crawl and sit! Go Carter!!!

So really what did I do to deserve such a wonderful gift?

October 6, 2010

Answered prayers...

I just wanted to take some time on my blog that means so much to me to say a huge thank you...

People that know me, know that I don't talk alot about religion. To me, my relationship with God is very personal. Considering I started a blog which is very personal I thought I should share........When I found out I was pregnant, I prayed every night. I prayed that God would give me a healthy child. I prayed that our baby would be happy, and I prayed that we would be great parents. I never once prayed for my child not to have any special needs. Because in the back of my mind, and deep in my heart I have always known that God would give me this wonderful gift. Call it intuition, I like to say it was Gods way of preparing me. If you read my very first blog about Carter's birth, you read that I was not shocked or upset about his diagnosis. We were just so happy to be finally holding this precious little boy in our arms. These 5 1/2 months that he has been here have been so life changing. Now every night as I am tucking Carter in, I whisper I love you I love you I love you I love you in his ear, kiss him on his head, then I say a prayer...

Dear God,

Please watch over my precious baby. Keep him safe. Let him be happy and healthy. Let him learn all that he can, and love with all of his heart. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift that you have given us. I feel so blessed to have him in my life.


Since Carter's birth, he has been doing so well. Thriving, this little guy amazes me. He inspires me want to be a better person, and live my life to the fullest. He is such a blessing to Jeff and I.

I am so thankful for answered prayers!

October 5, 2010

Family fun day!

This past weekend Jeff and I decided to do something outside with Carter, since the weather was so pretty. I chose the Natural Science Center. My sister Whitney and her boyfriend Andrew came along for the family outing. I figured Carter is a little young to appreciate the animals, and assumed he would sleep the whole time. To my surprise he actually stayed awake the first 30 minutes, and actually was checking out some of the animals. He checked out the tigers, giant tortoises, goats, and the meerkats. I guess he was bored with everything else.........


October 4, 2010

Fall is in the air...

My favorite season is finally here! FALL! I love the smells, the cool air, pumpkins, the leaves, food, everything about the season! This year I have my bundle of joy to share it with! We got Carter's first halloween costume yesterday...can you guess who is going to be the cutest little monkey in the whole wide world? You guessed it, Carter!

October 3, 2010

Bedtime stories

So on day three of my blog challenge I thought I would talk about something I am very passionate about....Reading to your baby. I have read to Carter every night since he was a week old. Yes, there is an occasional slip where he is already asleep. I know there is a great big chance that he has know idea what I am saying to him, but every night he knows when it's story time. He gets so excited when I sit with him and put a book in front of him. He holds the book as I read, plays with the pages, slaps the book, gazes at all the pictures, and he looks up at me while I'm reading to him, watching every word as they are coming out of my mouth. After were done he is so calm, ready to go to sleep. I really think that reading to your child is so important, for their development and it's a wonderful time to unwind and bond with your baby. No matter how busy I am with school work or whatever else that can get in my way, I always ALWAYS have time to sit down, cuddle up with Carter, and read him a bedtime story. Night-night!

October 2, 2010

Day 2

Last night, Jeff and I were sitting on the couch with Carter. We were playing with him, trying to get him to do his adorable belly laugh that makes my heart explode full of happiness every time I hear it. Those times are truly the best times, being in our home, together as a family, entertaining "Carter bug." As I was soaking in every precious second with him, I looked up at Jeff and said, "can you believe he is almost 6 months old? He is almost a half a year old, I can't believe it has gone by so fast!" Jeff just smiled and said "it hasn't gone by fast at all." I smiled while thinking (you'll see one day we will look back and we will both say where did the time go?) That's the difference between a mommy and a daddy I guess. I actually had a conversation with Carter yesterday in his room, I was laying on the floor and Carter was on my belly, looking down at me. I asked him can you just stay little for as long as you can? He responded with his typical aaaagggggggoooo and laughed. I knew exactly what he was saying. ;-)

October 1, 2010

October is Down Syndrome Awareness month! I took a challenge called 31 for 21, to blog everyday about Carter...I'm going to try my very best not to skip a day...

We are getting so excited about the Buddy Walk on the 23rd! Look out everyone Carter's Crew is coming through! We are so blessed to have so many friends and family to come walk and support our sweet little boy.

September 16, 2010

Time sure does fly!

My little angel is 5 months old today. It seems like yesterday that I was still carrying him around inside me and I couldn't wait for him to be out! I have to admit sometimes I wish I was still pregnant so I wouldn't have to share him with anyone. :) He is growing up so fast. It amazes me, the fact that when I was a little girl it seemed like my birthday or Christmas would take so long to get here and that it would take forever to grow that I am a mom this little life is flashing by me. It's incredible to watch this little person learn new things and just be so happy to stand up on my lap holding my hands. I try to soak every millisecond of his life in my mind so it will be a time capsule. When I'm rocking him or staring at him sleeping, I say to myself take a mental picture now...this memory will be my happy thought sometime down the road. You would all be amazed by the stock of memories already! I guess you can say watching your child grow up is bittersweet...a part of me wants him to stay a baby forever wanting him to need me all the time. Then another part of me is so excited to see him grow and learn and make new memories with him. I guess all I can do for now is sit back and enjoy the ride of being a mommy.

September 2, 2010

A Letter to Carter...

I think all the time about what I want for Carter in life so I thought I would share with you all...

To my sweet little boy,

I love you with all my heart. I never knew I could ever love anyone or anything as much as I love you. You amaze me each and everyday. I love watching you grow and learn...even though I wish you would slow it down just a little. ;-) I want you to have the whole world. I want you to be your own person, A leader not a follower, never change for anyone but yourself, love yourself, love others, laugh, be creative, be what you want to be, smile, be happy, experience and enjoy life to it's fullest, try new things, make mistakes, but learn from them, try and if you fail try again, have life long friends, be a best friend, love and know God, be strong, but don't be afraid to be weak at times, know that it's ok to cry, have a big heart, know that it's better to give than receive, share, pray, learn everything your mind can soak in, love the sunshine and the rain, always be the bigger person, let the negative things in life roll off your back, and let the positive shine through your heart and soul, always keep your head up and remember I'm always here for you! I love you so much!



August 28, 2010

Going back to school...

So I started back school on the 16th of this month...I was so excited about getting into the dental program at GTCC, but not at all excited about leaving my sweet Carter! I have had him with me every second of his life, from the time I found out I was pregnant until the day he turned 4 months old. Leaving him was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. It made me sad to think that someone else would be feeding him, changing him, playing with him and making him smile. I cried everyday for the first week on the way to school. (When I say cry, I mean I cried like a baby!) I know what I am doing is for Carter, so that makes it a little easier going to school everyday. I also think of it as I have something to look forward to at the end of my school day...going home to my handsome little boy!!

August 23, 2010

Such a special play date

Carter went to his first official play date last Saturday. Maggie, one of the moms from the mom's group started a "special play group" for our special babies! There was two sweet little girls Rachel (Maggie's daughter) and Tierney. They are both 11 months old and they are cute as a button. Rachel made her sitting up debut at the play date! Then there was Jack who is Korey's son. He is a month and a half younger that Carter, and absolutely precious! They all played in their own little space. The girls were more interactive with one another, it was so cute. When I got there I noticed my son is a tank, haha! At 4 months he weighs almost 15 pounds. Jack weighs almost 12, and Rachel and Tierney both weigh 16 and a half!!! One of the first things I said to the group was "he loves his food." After playing for about an hour, Jack and Carter passed out. Korey and I put them side by side and they got into the same sleeping position. I took so many pictures I was afraid I may have made all our kids go blind from the flash. They were all so cute I couldn't help myself! I can't wait to the next play date. It will be wonderful watching each of these wonderful babies develop at their own pace.
Tierney and Rachel Carter and Jack

August 20, 2010

Carter's Crew!

Hey everyone!! Please come out and join Carter's Crew at the 2010 Buddy Walk of Greater Greensboro...

October 23, 2010

11:00 am - 9:00 pm

Triad Park, Greensboro

The Buddy Walk is an annual event hosted by the Down Syndrome of Greater Greensboro. It is a one mile walk to benifit children with Down Syndrome, and proceeds go directly to the DSNGG.

August 13, 2010

4 months already???

It's been a month since my last blog...Carter will be 4 months on the 16th! I can't believe it. I never thought these last months would go by so quickly. I start school Monday and I will not be by Carter's side every waking moment of his life. It's such a scary thought. I know he will be in good hands while I'm in school, but like any other mom my fear is what if I miss something. What if I miss him crawl for the first time, or his first word, or those first steps. I get knots in my stomach when I think about it!! These first 4 months of Carter's life have been one amazing ride. This tiny little baby is growing up before my eyes, and I'm soaking in every second of it!

Carter has been talking up a storm. When I say talking I mean he thinks he is having a conversation, it's oooooo, aaaaaaa, eeeeeeee. When I talk to him he looks at me, studying my mouth and everything that comes out. Sometimes I think he knows exactly what I am saying. He will copy noises that I make, its adorable! He has the sweetest belly laugh that will melt your heart, along with his big toothless grin!
Today Carter went to the doctor for his 4 month check up. He weighed 14 1/2 pounds and he was 24 1/2 inches. He had his second round of shots and didn't shed one tear. Dr. Young said he was perfect! He also found that Carter will be getting a tooth really soon!

Carter started rice and oatmeal cereal at 3 1/2 months. He has done great on the cereal, but now its on to bigger and better things! Applesauce, bananas, carrots, all the good stuff! Jeff and I have decided to make our own baby food. Im really excited about this decision to make our own food. He also had his very first haircut. It was getting so long that he was getting a Donald Trump combover! Mommy was way to nervous to cut so daddy stepped up to the plate. I don't know too many babies that had their first haircut at 4 months old.

My sweet little boy continues to amaze me each and everyday. I fall in love with him more and more everytime I look at him. I see so much of Jeff and myself in him. I can't wait to see what the future has in store for Carter and our family. As for now I'm cherishing every moment with my precious little boy!
Please check out the 2 poems on the left:
Welcome to Holland
Who Mothers the children with disabilities

July 19, 2010

Carter's first vacation

So its been a month since I have written a post. Since then Carter has found his thumb and his feet. He went on his first vacation and turned 3 months old while we were there. Carter went to St. Simons Georgia for 3 days with BB, GranStan, Aunt Chrissie, Uncle Keith, Cousins Cole and Caroline and Mommy and Daddy. We stayed in a great house and had so much fun! As soon as we would walk on to the beach Carter would fall asleep and stay asleep for 4 hours in his stroller. (We now know he loves the beach!) BB couldn't believe how big he has gotten. She has not seen in him since he was 2 weeks old! He got so much love from everyone. Cole and Caroline couldn't get enough of him! After St. Simons we headed down the road to Sea Island Georgia along with Chrissie, Keith and the kids for 5 days. We met the rest of the Montgomery clan there and we stayed in the same beautiful house we did last year (the bee house) Carter slept through the night most nights. And once again as soon as we would take him on the beach he would stare at the back of his eyelids! We took our first realy family portraits on the beach. We were all matching! Carter also got to swim nakey in the pool! We came home on Saturday, it was good to be home after such a long vacation. Carter is in a routine and it was way off while we were at the beach!

Carter found his thumb a couple of weeks ago, he just sucks away tooooo cute! He is trying to lift up when he is laying down. He is "talking" so much to he knows his vowles for sure! "ooooooooe" "aaaaaaooo" "eeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaa" I love it! He laughs and smiles when he is being entertained. He will lift his little feet way in the air and grab ahold of them its so adorable! He has another appointment with Lisa Schoffner this week to check his progress.

June 16, 2010

2 month checkup

Thanks everyone who read my last post and for all your sweet encouraging messages.

So Carter is officially 2 months old. I can't believe it I literally cried putting away all of his newborn and 0-3 months clothes away. He is growing so fast, and while its exciting to see what the future holds its bittersweet letting go and just watching him grow! Everyday Carter gets more and more aware of his surroundings. I notice him observing this world in a different light than I do he is just so amazed with the littlest things. I wish I got a kick over watching a ceiling fan going around and around or sit and stare in wonderment over a window or a bright light. What if everyone thought like a baby did? This world would probably be a more pure and better place!

He had two appointments today one was at our home for his development. Once again Lisa was so impressed with our little boy. How strong his little chubby legs are, how alert he is and how vocal he is! Also the last visit she noticed that Carter preferred to look to his left. She gave me some ways to teach him to look to his right and now rather than him being 90/10 he is 50/50 with each side.

His other appointment was his 2 month checkup with the pediatrician. The exam went great he weighs 12 pounds and is now 22 1/2 inches I cant believe my tiny 7 pound baby has gained 5 pounds in 2 months! His vision is good and he is focusing with both eyes his is in the 50th percentile for his size. He had to get his vaccinations today and he turned purple from screaming so much, but as soon as I picked him up he was happy! (What can I say he is a Mommy's boy!) Now he is cuddled up in his swing falling asleep its been a long day for him! Goodnight!

June 9, 2010

Carter is almost 2 months old

I never thought my life would change so much in the past 2 months as much as it has. Everyone says when you have a baby its a life changing experience I knew it would be but I didn't know how much. Let me start from the beginning (this being my first blog and all.) I found out I was pregnant at the end of August last year it was a surprise, but a very exciting one! It was scary at the beginning I had alot of bleeding and we (Jeff my husband and I) were afraid that I would miscarry. I had so many ultrasounds and each time we would go to the appointments we would expect the absolute worse, but each time we would hear that perfect fast heartbeat! Music to any expectant parents ears! Finally we came to realize that everything was going to be ok. Around week 13 my doctor asked if we wanted to do any of the genetic testing to check for Down Syndrome. We opted out because a) what are the chances (keep in mind I'm 26 you always here of women over 35 having babies with Down Syndrome) and b) I wouldn't do anything different if it came back positive. No matter what that was a life, a precious life and whatever was meant to be would happen. In November we found out the sex of the baby. Jeff and I just knew it was a girl, but to our surprise the Sonographer said "IT'S A BOY!" We both cried happy tears and grinned ear to ear! We were so excited...That very same day we picked out his name Carter Eli Montgomery. Of course I immediately started buying little boy clothes and picking out everything for his nursery.

February I had an amazing baby shower so many friends and family members showered me with so many great gifts for our little Carter. By March I was so over being pregnant...I was miserable I had the worse heartburn, I couldn't sleep, I was anxious and ready to meet my little boy. My due date was April 26th and around April 1st I was willing to try anything to get Carter here. So Thursday evening April 15th we went over to my in-laws to have dinner my Mother in-law Shelby decided to make Mexican (because of the old wives tale eating spicy foods will induce labor) I literally ate a gallon of crushed red pepper that night. Jeff and I got home around 10pm I got ready for bed and at 10:45 I started having contractions. Being my first pregnancy I wasn't sure if they were contractions or not but I was in awful pain. I went into the living room and called Shelby and told her exactly how I was feeling and sure enough she confirmed what I had thought CONTRACTIONS. They were about 20 minutes apart so technically I shouldn't be going to the hospital at this time. I was in so much pain getting sick with every other contraction. I could no longer take it about 3:45am I woke Jeff up and said "lets go!" We got to the hospital and I stayed in triage for about 4 hours I wouldn't dilate so they sent me home. As the morning progressed so did my pain I called the doctor and he told me to come in and he would check me...I got there and had dilated to 4cm he told me that I could be admitted and I could have that oh so wonderful invention the epidural!!! I was admitted into the hospital about 12:30pm on Friday April 16th got my epidural an hour later and I was in heaven! The nurse checked me around 4:30pm and I still had not dilated so she put me on my right side. An hour later I felt alot of pressure and sure enough I was 9 almost 10cm. I started pushing around 6:15 and 45 minutes later he was here!!! At 7:07pm weighing in at 7lbs.3oz. was my precious little boy Carter. As soon as he was delivered I could tell something was a little different (not bad different just different) and my doctor said I'm going to get his pediatrician to order a karyotype on Carter. Those of you who do not know what a karyotype is its a special blood test to check the chromosomes for Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome.) I looked at Jeff very calmly and said "he has Down Syndrome." You know it's funny I have read so many confessions about people whose baby was born with Down Syndrome about how devastated they were. Jeff and I wasn't upset at all in anyway! We were both just so happy that we had this beautiful, healthy tiny little miracle in our arms. That was our baby we created him and that's all that we cared about. We told our family and friends the news and everyone was so amazing...they all said the same thing "you must be blessed, God only gives those children to special parents." We both truly believe that.

Carter had to spend a few nights in the NICU because he stopped breathing for a few seconds the next day. All the nurses fell in love with him. It was so hard going home without him, but when we got to bring him home 3 days later we were so happy! My mother in-law Barbara stayed with us for 2 weeks to help in any way she could. It was so wonderful to have her here. Jeff and I had so many family and friends come by to see Carter. I have never felt so much love!

Remember I said that the epidural was the best invention ever? Well that was until I knew that Carter would need Early Intervention (The Infant/Toddler Program.) It helps babies that have disabilities or that were born premature catch up to all the other babies out there. They send Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, ect out to your home and work with your child in their natural environment. They truly are a godsend!

Now let me tell you a little bit about Carter...he is absolutely the most cutest thing I have ever seen!! He has his daddy's nose and feet, my mouth, our blue eyes, and every ones favorite thing his awesome hair its so thick for a baby and it sticks straight up on his head!! I must say my kid is ADORABLE! He makes the funniest faces, he is so aware and has been from day 1, he sleeps great for us, he eats well, and only cries when he is tired or hungry. He has so many nick-names already my favorites are toot and stinker because he is the gassiest baby I have ever known. He is so smart he started rolling over at 4 weeks old and he knew what he was doing! He can hold his head way up. Last week Lisa a woman with the child development agency came out and she was so impressed with little Carter, she could not believe how well he is doing. She said "not only am I impressed with his progress because he does have DS but just being a 1 1/2 month old baby he is amazing!"

Carter will be 2 months old on the 16th of this Month and I can't believe how much time flies. He has been such a blessing to all that know him, and has truly changed us for the best. I will be blogging about his progress and just all about him in general. Thanks for reading!

Kristin Montgomery