July 21, 2011

Major blog neglect: Buggy update

So as usual I have excuses for being completely neglectful to this little blog of mine.  First off we didn't have internet for over a week, yes tell me about it I was literally going into DT's not being able to see what everyone was up to on facebook, catching up on blog posts, no email NOTHING! The next excuse was that I officially graduated from school last week.  No more tests, no more working for free, yay!  Our ceremony was held last Thursday, it was completely bittersweet.  We made lifelong friendships and I am going to miss everyone so much, but I was so ready to get a job and start working.  Speaking of that word, I have one of those J-O-B's now.  A wonderful orthodontic practice, who I actually did my rotation through and I fell inlove with everyone who worked there hired little ol' me!  I start August 1st after our week long beach trip.  That's also the day Carterbug will start daycare.....(insert break sound).....wait what?  Did I just say daycare????  That I did, I can't believe it myself!  I have always said from day one absolutely NO daycare!  I didn't want my kid to stay sick all the time, I didn't want strangers watching my children how awful!  Well momma got a reality check, daycare will be great for Carter, he is full of personality and he will love being around other children everyday, he will love his teachers, he will love having a day filled with activity, it's going to be good for him.  Oh yeah and did I mention his daycare is right next door to my work?  So, you know mommy will be sneaking over there on her lunch break to get a hug or two in!  Now for the Carter update: Carter is up to nine teeth, that's nine teeth that love to sink inside anything he can get his mouth on, a shoulder, leg, neck, face, you name it he has bitten it.  He is pulling up on everything and crusin' along ottomans and tables.  He has an amazing "kissy face" that his Aunt Itney taught him.  As of yesterday he is still at 20 lbs 2 oz and he is 30 3/4in. long.  He is eating many things these days, anything from soft foods like mac n cheese to steak and pork chops (they have to be teeny tiny pieces).  He is starting to look more like a little boy and less like a baby.  Carter has been discharged from physical therapy, but still gets developmental therapy once a week.  He knows what his cup is, he knows baba is a bottle that holds that yummy milk, he knows his paci, he can grab the ball when you ask him to get his ball, and he knows what a diaper is.  We give him choices, I will hold up a cup or a ball and tell him to get his cup and he grabs the cup! We have also been working on "putting in" after grabbing an object I will ask him to put in the bucket, we say ready, set, go and he drops it in!   He had an occupational therapy evaluation two weeks ago and she said she did not recommend OT for Carter!  Yay!

Bug had his first boat ride ever this past Sunday.  We went to visit my Uncle Chuck and Aunt Florette (now uncle choo choo and aunt mimi).  Both very special people in my life and who love Carter so much.  Carter got to sit on Choo Choos lap and help drive the boat, in his over sized life jacket, he so loved it!  The ride was so relaxing it put him right to sleep. 

Here lately Carter has become a huge daddy's boy, he wants to love on his daddy all the time.  It doesn't get any better than seeing the two people you love more than anything have such a strong bond.  Jeff is such a great daddy and I know I don't tell him enough.  Carter is so lucky to have him and Jeff is so lucky to have Carter, they are so cute together and it makes me happy!

July 5, 2011


I have been wanting to write about this topic for a little while now.  It's the issue of saying down syndrome rather than down's, or those other awful words that I have actually heard quite a bit that makes me stop in my tracks and cringe.  One starts with a 'M' you know that terrible word you have probably heard your grandparents say?  The one that makes someone with down syndrome sound like a monster rather than a human?  I hate that word, that word is definitely not okay to say ever!  Oh yeah and that other word the infamous 'R' word, who to this day I still have people saying it to me!  Yes this words cuts like a knife, it makes my ears ring and makes me want to jerk someone up by the neck of their shirts, but instead I ask them kindly to watch their language.  I usually get an apology, but sometimes I get shutup or it's a free country.  They are right about one thing, it is a free country, but why do you want to be hurtful?  Nowhere in the constitution does it say it's ok to be cruel, I think sometimes as Americans we take advantage of this right, and take it a little too far.  The other thing that bothers me is when someone says, I know someone who has down's.  Hmmm...what's down's?  Oh okay, you know SOMEONE who has DOWN SYNDROME?...Gotcha!  I do let this one slide from time to time in a conversation, because I know that everyone doesn't go out and research down syndrome.  Just try and remember the person who has down syndrome is a person first just like you and I, they just happen to have down syndrome.  National Down Syndrome Preferred Language Guide.  I know that it is difficult to break bad habits, but lets all try!

My friend Erin says it so much better than I do, she has a way with words that is indescribable:  What language do you speak? 

Great add for the 'R' word campaign