May 17, 2011

MeaSleS smEshLeS

So Carter has been sick off and on now for a little over 3 weeks.  We have battled with a double ear infection along with double pink eye with a 103 fever.  Then last Monday he woke up with a 103 fever with a rash.  Of course, being a first time mom I am going to panic when my adorable little boy wakes up and looks like a strawberry!  We took him to the doctor, his diagnosis...Parvo, yes dogs get parvo, but so do humans.  Well Thursday when Carter woke up the rash was at its worst!  He was covered head to toe, throwing up, dry heaving, shaking...this was not my happy baby!  Me angry and wanting to know what the heck was going on with lil bug...we took him to the doctor and we find out Carter has atypical measles or rubella from a reaction from his MMR vaccine! His doctor said he has not seen this in 10 years and it happens in 1 in several 100 kids.  Yep Carter was that one kid.  Poor fella!  Luckily he is NOT contagious, he is feeling better, he just has to go around with this way awesome rash all over him...yuck!
They lasted a whole week, but...

They are all gone today...HOORAY!


  1. Poor baby (and poor mommy!!!)! I am glad he is improving! Love the picture! He is such a cutie!

  2. oooooh, poor carter! i am happy he is feeling better though. :)

  3. bless his heart! so glad he's doing better!!! :)

  4. Poor baby booy! So glad he is feeling better ... sorry he (and you) had to go through that. Hope to see you next weekend (I'll be the mom crying in the corner ... can't believe Jack's turning 1!!!)