December 16, 2010

Merry Christmas "mama"

So 2 days ago, I got the best Christmas present!  I have been working with Carter, trying to get him to say mamamamamamamama and dadadadadadadada.  Well he chose to say mama!  Just out of the blue he started saying mamamamamama, then smiling really big!  Talking about making a girl's heart skip a beat!  That sweet bundle of all boy has this mama wrapped around his little finger! 

December 11, 2010

Christmas time is here!

The Season is among us!  I am so excited about starting traditions with my family.  As long as I can remember I have dreamed about having a family and how Christmas would be with my children.  Of course Carter is still to small to realize what is going on, he is just interested in grabbing the ornaments off the tree! 

Today we went to the Family Support Network's Christmas party.  It was held at Gateway Education Center.  (Family Support Network helps children with disabilities and premature babies catch up where they need to be).  All I can say, it was so very humbling being there today.  There were so many families who have children with Down Syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, etc...To an outsider, one may think awww how sad...but as an insider let me tell you...Everyone there was so happy...there were so many holiday crafts for all the children, food and SANTA!  It really puts things in perspective when your busy running around buying gifts that will be forgotten about next year.  It makes you stop and say, this is what Christmas is all about, family and friends, and these amazing children God ever so lovingly put into our lives!