February 28, 2011

Meant to be

So have you ever wondered what your purpose in life is?  Growing up, I always wondered what mine was.  I knew eventually that God would reveal his plan to me.  I didn't think he would make it obvious, and I knew I would have to open my eyes and see it for myself.   I finally realized a couple of months after Carter was born what that reason was.  I had a conversation after this realization with Jeff.  I told him that I felt like Carter was my reason.  I have never been so sure of anything in my life.  I feel like since he was born, I have become so much more open and social and overall a better person.  I feel like I was put here to advocate for him and all of the other wonderful souls who carry that extra chromosome.  To let the world know that they have so much to offer, and they can do anything they set their minds to.  Carter has taught me so much.  More than any school or textbook would.  He has taught me the meaning to life and love.  I know that I  was meant for him and he was meant for me.  Both of us carefully hand picked for each other in God's wonderful plan.  This plan we call life, is so much bigger than what we think.  I feel that I was supposed to meet all of these wonderful new friends and also AMAZING parents of a little one carrying a little extra chromosome.  I feel that we are the generation of parents who are going to make a difference.  By awareness, love, and reaching out to new parents and letting them know that everything is going to be ok.  Let everyone know that their life is going to be so much more fulfilled,with the love of a child with Down Syndrome. This is my purpose

We were meant for each other, you and me kiddo!

The best thing that's ever been mine!


February 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Grady!!!

Happy Birthday to my friend Grady!  I wish I lived closer to you so I could celebrate with you!  I hope you have a fantastic day full of happiness, smiles, laughs, and love!  I can't wait to see you soon, and play!  I miss you friend, have some cake for me too!
Love your friend,

February 18, 2011

Growing up isn't easy...(for mommy)

Ten months down, two to go until Carterbug turns the big 1!!  I can't believe how fast it's going by.  I am trying to savor every second of these precious months that I still have an infant...One, wow where has the time gone?  I still remember having to leave that precious tiny newborn in the NICU while we went home.  I remember the day we brought him home, such a great feeling!   I remember him sleeping beside me all bundled up in his bassinet, waking up every 2 hours to eat.  I remember how teeny tiny he was, when I held him it felt like I was holding air.  I remember the first time he smiled, and laughed, rolled over, sat up, ate cereal then solids, his first vacation and how he loved sleeping on the beach, his first therapy session, the first book I read to him, so many things I will never forget...now that little stinker has started to crawl and has the rug burned knees to prove it (it's not perfect but he can get where he wants to go).  Carter is pulling up to stand in his crib and on anything or anyone else he can find, turns the page while were reading, splashes like crazy in the tub, he is doing awesome at self feeding from a cookie down to a tiny cheerio, he has mastered the sippy cup (it's the cutest thing I have ever seen).  Carter holds his arms out really big to signal he wants a hug then puts his arms around your neck.  Ask him for a kiss he takes both hands to your face and lays one on ya.  This little man is the light of my life and shows me something new everyday.   As I begin the countdown to the big day, I look at this precious little boy and love him more than ever. I have so many hopes and dreams for him and I wonder what the future holds for him.  Like, what cartoon will be his favorite.  Will he watch one particular movie over and over, what sports will he want to play, where will he go to school, will he go to college, who will be his best friend, when will he be to cool to hang out with me, will he meet the girl of his dreams, will his heart get broken, will he get married, have kids? I just want him to be happy, and I guess it will all play out faster than I want it to.  As for now I am going to enjoy my baby...ahh, what a wonderful word baby.  Carter, don't grow up to fast! :)

Such a big boy standing up in his crib!

Crawling into the hallway

 all boy!

but, you will always be mommy's baby even when you are to cool

February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Carterbug wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Valentine's Day, but what he is really saying is "oh no, mommy made me do this cheesy photo shoot!!!  I am so lucky to have the love of this precious little boy! 

February 13, 2011

A day at the park

Once again we had a mild winter day.  Can't complain I love living in North Carolina where it can be snowing one day, then sunny and 60 degrees the next.  We decided to go to the park I went to as a kid, in my good ol' home town of Pleasant Garden.  Carter giggled and giggled as I pushed him on the swings and we even went down the slide.  Carter went down all by himself with a little help from mommy and aunt Whitney.  Such a beautiful day!

February 9, 2011

Everyone deserves a loving home!

My friend Erin has recently opened my eyes, ears, and heart to this website Reece's Rainbow.  It is a website dedicated to children with special needs, but mostly down syndrome, who need to be adopted.  In my opinion, in a perfect world every family should have a child with down syndrome.  My little Carterbug has brought so much joy to me and everyone who meets him!  I just know that these children have so much to offer the world...if any readers out there know of someone looking to adopt or thinking about adopting yourself, please don't overlook a child with special needs.  Please visit the website below to meet these wonderful children and if you have it in your heart please donate towards their adoption fund.

Meet Simon:
Simon is the precious little boy my friend Erin is trying so hard to get adopted!  Like Carter and Grady, Simon was born with down syndrome.  He is so adorable and deserves to have a home and be loved by a deserving family...You can donate to his fund here:    http://reecesrainbow.org/simon2h