October 5, 2011

First picnic

Carter went on his very first picnic last Saturday.  With mommy and aunt Itney (daddy was under the weather).  I am so glad Whitney came with us, we decided to go to Hagan Stone Park in good ol'  Pleasant Garden, but first we had to get our food for the picnic...we decided on Bill's Pizza (just a local pizza place that's been around forever that I worked at for 5 years).  Once we got our delicious square pepperoni pizza we headed to park.  It was a brisk 60 degree day with the perfect fall breeze (my favorite kind of weather) the three of us found a perfect sunny spot on the grass to layout our picnic blanket and break out the picnic basket full of pizza and other goodies.  We had a great time, Carter was so cute getting everything out of the picnic basket.  We took Carter on the swings and let him slide down the slide all by himself.  We watched the clouds go by, and looked for shapes in the sky.  We stayed for two hours and didn't want to leave...... it was a great day! 

Matching puffy vest a must for fall fashion! haha my sister is probably having a heart attack right this second
Stealing from the picnic basket

It's ridiculous how much I love this kid


Aunt Itney, she's the bestest

My happy place, is when I have this boy in my arms

So sweet



  1. I can't wait to see him next weekend. If my foot is still broken David is going to pull me in the wagon and you can just put Carter in there with me!