February 21, 2012

Hello world...

Hello all!  It's been a while, a long while. I don't have a great excuse, but I do have one or some.  I have been busy (yes all mommies who blog are busy), I have been lazy as well, there have been many things I have wanted to blog about, but I would wait way to long so I thought maybe it was pointless.  I have also thought about forgetting about this whole blogging thing all together (I thought I had a good run with it so I should go ahead and end it).  Always in the back of my mind I knew that I couldn't do that, I do love it.  I love telling everyone about Carter and his milestones talking about Down Syndrome, and therapies which is what I talked about alot when I first started blogging.  I have had a change of heart, I get a little burned out (I hate to admit it, but I do).  I feel that there is so much more to our lives other than Down Syndrome.  Carter is so much more to me than that.  I know, I know your probably thinking, duh ofcourse he is more than that.  But honestly it's so easy to get consumed with the extra chromosome, and all the therapies, and the attention that you get at the grocery store, and everything else that goes with it.  I want to take a new approach with my blog, start fresh, (I am not saying I will never talk about Down Syndrome again, how silly ofcourse I will it is apart of our lives just not all of it). 

So much has happened since the last time I blogged.  The biggest thing is I am now a stay at home mommy I REPEAT I AM NOW A STAY AT HOME MOMMY...HOOOOORAY!!!!!  This is a dream I have always had to be with my children at home, to do fun things during the day while everyone else is at work, be there with open arms and a freshmade cookie when they get home from school, help with homework, you know be a supermom ;).  I am excited to be home with my little bug everyday.  Were gonna have a blast, and I want to document it here on this blog of mine.!!!

Since I haven't been on here forever I will go ahead and give the Carterbug update:  Carter has been really sick alot (which is why I am home now).  He has had measles, RSV, erythema multiforme, hand foot and mouth disease, upper respiratory infection one after the other since August.  The RSV was the straw that broke the camels back.  Three weeks ago, Carter was miserable, he didn't want to eat he was loosing weight, he looked pale, he had circles under his eyes, he was absolutely pitiful.  We took him to the doctor and he said it RSV and also told us Carter was right on the edge of going to the hospital to be put on oxygen.  That's all it took for Jeff to look right at me and tell me to put my notice in at work the following day.  That's what I did, luckily I worked for an awesome office with amazing co-workers who were completely understanding that family comes first!  So as of last Friday my official title is Kristin Montgomery, stay at home mom!  YES!  Now since Carter has been home, he has gained his weight back, he has his color back and he is on the move everywhere.  We bought one of those little shopping carts, at first he wanted absolutely nothing to do with it, but now he can't get enough of it.  He is so cute walking behind this little cart all over the house, and you can tell he is so proud of himself.  I can now say I swear by the shopping cart idea!  He is signing and saying more and eat.  He can make all sorts of animal sounds, cow, dog, chicken, sheep, tiger, and he can say a couple of them too.  When you tell him bye-bye he tells you bye-bye and blows you a kiss. 

Now that's the sweet side of that little stinker, he is also approaching terrible twos!  He loves to yell over and over as loud as he can until he gives mommy a migraine, he hits, and pinches, and sometimes he bites, he is defiant, and he will test our patience every chance he gets.  Were working on this! 

So now that I got through that little update, I look forward to blogging about my daily adventures with Carterbug.  Stay tuned it's gonna be an exciting, fun, loving, learning from each other, exhausting, but worth every second ride!

Just some adorable pictures of Carterbug:


  1. This is a precious article about cutie Carter. Thank God for answer prayers for you and your family. Praying that Carter will adjust better with you at home with him everyday. God Bless!

  2. Yay!!! Soooooo glad you we able to make this life adjustment to be there more for Carterbug! I still work occasionally, but we MUST get together for playdates soon!